Monday, July 23, 2012

Vaporizer Cleaning with VINEGAR!

Call me old fashion, but I grew up in a house where when I was sick my mother (who happens to be a nurse, so I ACTUALLY had to be sick to get some sympathy) would set up the vaporizer in my bedroom. And, not only would the Vicks Vapo steam be pouring out of the vaporizer, but of course I would also have the Vicks Vapo Rub (what felt like) all over my body. (Big Bang watchers, no she didn't sing "soft kitty," would have been cooler if that song would have been around though and she did)

Back to the subject, so now I also own a vaporizer. And, I never remember seeing my mom cleaning the vaporizer. Obviously, she must have, because as I have jumped on the white vinegar cleans everything craze, I thought I should try it on the vaporizer. GLAD I DID! After one night, (and I wish I would have gotten a picture of this) the vinegar had turned brown and there was a lot of "floaters."

What I did: took a plastic container and filled it half way with the white vinegar, then I placed the top of the vaporizer into the white vinegar, I left it in the white vinegar over night:

This next picture was taken after the second vinegar soaking...
 Gross! Right?

I'm sure this wasn't a good thing that I have owned the vaporizer for over two years and never cleaned it. I'm not sure how I will know when it is actually clean, but I am going to soak it one more time and rinse it.

Bottom Line...."soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur..." Just Kidding...but seriously, if you have a vaporizer, make sure you are keeping it clean!

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